A Message from the Director

A Message from the Director

Sanghoon Lee

Welcome to the IEIKM

IEIKM was founded in 1997 as a vehicle for the international introduction of Korea's best providers of education and clinical practice of Korean Medicine, and also for providing a unique opportunity for others interested in the field to acquire a more comprehensive and high-quality knowledge of Korean Medicine.

Korean Medicine differs from Traditional Chinese Medicine in a couple of ways: Sasang Constitutional Medicine categorizes constitution into four kinds, and by putting priority of each individual's character, offers physiology, pathology, herbal pharmacology, and clinical treatment. Without applying intricate theories, it enables convenient and original treatment as well as preventive methods.

Another difference is the clinical superiority in the application of Sa-am acupuncture method. The marvelous clinical results come from its basic theory of adjusting deficiency and excessiveness of the five Jang and six Bu organs by application of the Five Phases Theory.

Each year, M.D. 's and O.M.D's from around the world come to our institution to learn the characteristics of Korean Medicine through clinical application. The certificate provided by IEIKM after completion of the scheduled program is also recognized as a CEU (continuing education unit) of NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board.

If you are still one of those who have not got the chance to experience our program provided by Kyunghee University, call us right now, I guarantee your satisfaction.